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Meeting Location:
Ada Developers Academy HQ
1215 4th Ave #1050,

6:00pm Networking
6:30pm Presentation
8:00pm Beers!

Chair Nimret Sandhu
Community Leaders
Freddy Guime
Ben Garnaat
Founder Jayson Raymond




SeaJUG is an all volunteer effort - which means items such as the website and mailing list are updated as schedules afford. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. We need suggestions/volunteers for topics! If you'd like to donate your time/skills to the cause, contact Nimret Sandhu.

19 July 2016: Microservices, Docker and Java

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Smartsheet, like many organizations out there, is migrating to a microservices architecture leveraging Java. Developing or migrating to a microservices architecture requires more than just writing code behind service interfaces. Developers must create build pipelines for their apps and services, versioning them, and deploy them in both development and test environments. In this presentation, we'll discuss how Docker has helped Smartsheet simplify this process, giving us a way to manage the complexity of these environments. Additionally, we'll give a detailed example of how organizations can leverage Docker Engine, Docker Registry, Docker Swarm, and Docker Compose to create a standardized build and deployment pipeline for developing and testing a Java microservices architecture.

Speaker: Todd Fasullo, Director of Engineering, Smartsheet

odd is a long time member of the Smartsheet Engineering team where he dedicates his time to designing and scaling Smartsheet's application to ensure a seamless experience for each of Smartsheet?s 8 million users. While not working on the Smartsheet backend architecture he spends his free time improving their development, build, and testing infrastructure. Todd has been using Docker at Smartsheet since April 2014 (Docker 0.9.1).