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Meeting Location:
Ada Developers Academy HQ
1215 4th Ave #1050,

6:00pm Networking
6:30pm Presentation
8:00pm Beers!

Chair Nimret Sandhu
Community Leaders
Freddy Guime
Ben Garnaat
Founder Jayson Raymond




SeaJUG is an all volunteer effort - which means items such as the website and mailing list are updated as schedules afford. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. We need suggestions/volunteers for topics! If you'd like to donate your time/skills to the cause, contact Nimret Sandhu.

17 Apr 2012 : Can GWT reverse the decline in Java's reach?

VideoVideo      Slides

It was once thought there would be a time when Java would be the only language a developer would need to program every tier of a system. Yet despite the great advances in virtual machines, the proliferation of devices running them, the proliferation of frameworks, and advances in the language itself, in one important way, it's reach, is on the wane.

This talk will discuss how and why this is possible and explore whether GWT has the potential to change this.

Speaker: Jayson Raymond

Jayson Raymond, a founding member of the Seattle Java Users Group, has been programming professionally for 25 years, including in Java on smart cards, phones, tablets, printers, desktops and servers since its introduction in 1995.

Today, Jayson is the principal consultant for Accelerant Mobile Corp. where he helps businesses leverage the potential of mobile, Java and enterprise technologies for clients including: AT&T, T-Mobile, Disney/ABC/ESPN, Clearwire and Costco to name a few.

Pizza and Pop will be provided by Prithvi Catalytic and I will be video-taping the meeting.