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Meeting Location:
Ada Developers Academy HQ
1215 4th Ave #1050,

6:00pm Networking
6:30pm Presentation
8:00pm Beers!

Chair Nimret Sandhu
Community Leaders
Freddy Guime
Ben Garnaat
Founder Jayson Raymond




SeaJUG is an all volunteer effort - which means items such as the website and mailing list are updated as schedules afford. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. We need suggestions/volunteers for topics! If you'd like to donate your time/skills to the cause, contact Nimret Sandhu.

15 Feb 2010 : Fantom

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On the surface Fantom appears like still another JVM based language, yet it combines some of the best features found fragmented over many other languages as well as adding it's own set of unique advantages in one neat package.

Fantom is a practical language, it feels a lot like writing Groovy or Ruby code, yet provides Java like type-safety as well as many advanced features, such as being fully OO, functional programming, concurrency(actors), mixins and DSL's.

Fantom manages to do all this without adding too much complexity, as a matter of fact I believe that of the strongly typed JVM languages, Fantom is the easiest to pick up by a Java programmer, no need to be a language expert

Fantom also offers some rather unique features, such as being able to compile directly into Javascript or running on .NET.

I will present in details Fantom's syntax, design, and core API's along with some examples. If time allows I will also have demo the innovative Tales Framework which takes full advantage of Fantom's unique features to provide a super productive and easy to use web framework.

Speaker Bio

Thibaut Colar has been building electronic gizmos and programming since a young age.

He has worked with Java since 1998, First at Qarbon.com, second employee, where he was lead developer on the ViewletBuilder presentation software(applets, Java 1.1+, AWT, swing), then switched to server-side development on the ViewletCentral product(Java 1.5, 1.5, JDBC, etc..). During Qarbon's early days he was also the system admin, database administrator, build engineer and more.

Since 2005, Thibaut as worked at pacific Coast Feather as a Lead E-commerce architect where he painfully tries to make the SAP Java platform fast and friendly.

Thibaut also writes several open-source programs, such as berry4all(Blackberry tethering software, in Python) and a Fantom IDE(Based on the Netbeans platform), he spends the rest of his time playing hockey and spending time with his family.