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Meeting Location:
Ada Developers Academy HQ
1215 4th Ave #1050,

6:00pm Networking
6:30pm Presentation
8:00pm Beers!

Chair Nimret Sandhu
Community Leaders
Freddy Guime
Ben Garnaat
Founder Jayson Raymond




SeaJUG is an all volunteer effort - which means items such as the website and mailing list are updated as schedules afford. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. We need suggestions/volunteers for topics! If you'd like to donate your time/skills to the cause, contact Nimret Sandhu.

16 Nov 2010 : Agile Development Using BDD


Since ~2003 Behavior Driven Development (BDD) (as coined by Dan North) has been a pretty big topic. BDD is the second generation extension/evolution of Test Driven Development (aka TDD v2.0). Everything that applies to good TDD practice really applies to BDD. However, BDD is generally easier to understand has a better "a ha" point, and introduces some fundamental new Agile process principles to improve development results. To create good code using BDD one must know how to create good code for TDD. There are many significant testing best practices to learn and apply. Applications developed using good BDD disciplines generally work smoother, have less issues in production, and are more maintainable than other development methods. Developers using BDD are generally seen as more effective software engineers overall.

This presentation will provide:

Target Audience: software developers who desire to improve their coding productivity and code quality.

Recommended prerequisites: basic familiarity with unit testing (xUnit, JUnit, etc.), Java or C programming languages, and Agile development practices will help with understanding some of the examples.

About the Author

Leeland Artra Senior Software Architect, Amdocs Inc.

After previous careers in systems administration and advance systems/database research Leeland Artra currently provides code janitorial services (application & tools design and development with data analysis, algorithm development, and testing management) for Amdocs Inc. Since the early 1980s he has performed software and systems engineering for small to large organizations in all sectors military, academic, and commercial. He prefers using the simplest effective solution to complicated/cool ones that don't, and claims 'bugs' is an euphemism for developer malpractice. Leeland Artra is the principle researcher & named inventor on a handful of systems technologies, authored white papers on software engineering & design techniques, and taught courses/presented invited talks for Boeing, Oracle, UW, USENIX, SAGE, SANS, ACM, and LOPSA. He is the founder of the Seattle chapter of SAGE (Seattle Area Systems Administrators Guild). Leeland is also the key developer of the U.S. Navy's Systems Operator Top Quality Management Qualification standard; he was also part of the SAGE Mentors Oversight Committee & Mentor, a member of the SAGE Certification Examination Committee, a member of the SAGE Certification Policy Committee, one of the founders of the SAGE Mentors program, and a charter member of LOPSA. He holds a Masters of Information Science from the University of Phoenix. Visit his technical website at http://nodsw.com/.