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Meeting Location:
Ada Developers Academy HQ
1215 4th Ave #1050,

6:00pm Networking
6:30pm Presentation
8:00pm Beers!

Chair Nimret Sandhu
Community Leaders
Freddy Guime
Ben Garnaat
Founder Jayson Raymond




SeaJUG is an all volunteer effort - which means items such as the website and mailing list are updated as schedules afford. We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month. We need suggestions/volunteers for topics! If you'd like to donate your time/skills to the cause, contact Nimret Sandhu.

March 2009 : The Java Memory Model

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We had a great presentation from Bartosz on the Java Memory Model on tuesday. There were around 50 folks present so it was a good turnout. Bartosz talked about some really interesting things wrt the optimizations that compilers, VMs and even hardware ( processors, etc) do on multi-threaded code as it was written by the programmer. Sometimes these optimizations can lead to unintended consequences or just plain bugs in multi-threaded code because of the disconnect between how the programmer expects the code to run at runtime and what can actually happen at the hardware level.

A big theme in the talk was the topic of 'synchronized consistency' and how programmers can use the volatile keyword in Java to force the runtime ( compiler, vm, hardware) to commit values to shared variables before subsequent reads. The gotcha of course is that there is a performance penalty in using it.