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Help support my sister's charity/rainier climb!

So my sister Jasmine has become quite the mountain climber these days. She's climbed things like an 18,000 ft+ volcano down in Mexico, a couple of 20,000 or so ft peaks in the Himalayas and probably others she hasn't told us about cuz she probably doesn't want us to worry. Must be those monkey genes .. which are obviously dormant in me!


So she climbed Mt. Rainier on the weekend of the 18th of July 2012 to raise money for a charity that she sponsors every year called Asha in case you're interested in donating for a good cause.

Please donate here - thanks! :)


Release AutomationI

I've been looking into Release Automation & automated infrastructure management lately. Here's some useful tools you may want to check out in this space:

http://vagrantup.com/ - fire up custom VMs from the cmd line - nice!

http://puppetlabs.com/ - tool for infrastructure automation.




GUI for working with keystore files in Java

Although the command line is always available for working with Java keystore files, I've found this GUI easier to work with. It runs via JNLP as a bonus!



Free reference cards on technologies in case you're interested - enjoy :)



Some useful free books

Some free resources for source control & build management tools that I use regularly:

Spring injection with @Resource, @Autowired and @Inject

I've always wondered what the differences were and someone has gone through a TDD explanation - nice! :)


Incidently, using the @Resource + mappedName attribute is a nice shortcut to map to JNDI properties.



Eclipse Word Wrap plugin

yay - word wrap in eclipse editors! :)




Someone recently asked me for some advice on resources for Python so I thought I'd write up a list :)

And here's what I use to write code in python:

happy python'ing =)


Nifty Toys for Windows

A couple of freeware or cheap high productivity tools if you're stuck in windows =)

  1. Launchy - launch any application with a keystroke
  2. BBLean - replace the boring shell with a port of blackbox from *nix
  3. http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net - virtual desktops
  4. Lookout - fast search in outlook
  5. Servant Salamander - powerful 2 pane file manager
  6. Winmerge - merge and diff tool
  7. Kitty - replacement for putty
  8. Vim or Textpad for basic file editing
  9. Corkscrew for ssh tunneling through your http proxy at work :)

There's probably others that I use which I can't remember off the top of my head but these are my favorites.


Boys and their Toys

mmmmmmmm ...


there's a motorcycle show happening up north this weekend too:



CSI Java Edition – Locating & Terminating Memory Leaks

We discovered an intersting bug in JAX-WS at work the other day so I blogged about it over at our company's blog. It makes for some fun stuff at work sometimes rather than the mundane day-to-day stuff :)



History of the World in 6 Glasses

My buddy Will Iverson had recommended this book to me a while back and I really enjoyed reading it. Each chapter goes best with your favorite drink, ideally the one that the chapter is talking about :)



Inventing on Principle

Saw this talk which was forwarded on STS .. simply brilliant! Make sure you watch till the end- it's not all about programming.



OneJar To Rule them all

I've been working on a command line java app at work which is part of a cron based batch process which updates some data between systems. Using maven, spring and mybatis means that I had the framework up and running within a couple of hours to pull data from backend DBs and output a file with some data. 

Then I ran into a problem when I wanted to package it all up as a jar file which could be run directly from the command line via cron. The tricky part is in packaging up all the jars that are included as part of spring, mybatis, etc. and be able to run them in a way that they are all available on the classpath without munging each other.

Well, OneJar to the rescue! Everything packaged up all nice and neat. Just run 'mvn package' to get the jar and then use the usual 'java -jar app.jar' to run it. Works like a charm. Even has a Maven plugin to minimize the work needed to get it up and running.


Sneaky Sound System

Somedays just feel like ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_8MMDBXh4k


Snowmageddon it - Day 2

Looks like a couple more inches fell last night. We're upto almost a foot now methinks. Here's a couple of snapshots. Time to stay indoors, drink hot drinks and prep for that major software release tomorrow :)



Snowmageddon it!

Day 1 of the snowmageddon. Around 8" so far outside with more expected tomorrow. Supposed to be as bad as '96 - I remember snow drifts as tall as the house back then when we lived further up north :)

This is what the yard looks like so far. Let's see how much gets dumped tomorrow. As Def Leppard would say 'Snowmageddon it!'

Continuous Delivery

We practice Continous Delivery at Dynacron. That's the main reason why we've been able to push out a lot of new functionality for the last few months at a major local healthcare customer at a steady clip via a fairly automated deployment process which enables deployments anytime.

Dynacron has a free seminar if you're interested in learning more:



TeamCity Eclipse plug-in and remote runs

We've been using TeamCity at work for a while now and it's working out as well as Hudson, etc. It has some really nifty integration features available via an eclipse plugin ( netbeans, idea, etc are also supported I believe). Love the remote run functionality!