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AWS Fargate && k8s on Oracle Cloud

I am hosting a Docker meet-up on 2/13, 5.30-7.30pm  in downtown Seattle (4th and Madison, 4th floor) where some very smart software engineering ladies will be talking about the new AWS Fargate service and Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud.
AWS Fargate is a serverless service for containers that was announced at the last re:invent in Dec. It allows you to run docker containers without having to manage servers or clusters. You no longer have to provision, configure and scale clusters of VMs to run containers. Presented by Tiffany Jernigan, Developer Advocate at Amazon/AWS.
The other talk will be an intro to the Oracle Cloud infrastructure platform with an overview of the projects they have been working on to enable containerized workloads on their cloud. Presented by Kaslin Fields, Solutions Architect at Oracle Cloud.
More details are below and on the meet-up RSVP page