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Docker meet-up (Nov)

Hosted the Docker meet-up at Nordstrom's offices in downtown Seattle. Amazing hosts - drinks and tons of pagliacci pizza. A really cool meeting space too. Ran into some issues with trying to hook-up the computers of the presenters to the A/V equipment which was at the back of the room. There were no inputs near the presenter.

Played around with a Chromecast I carry around with me a bit but in the end just ended up using UberConference to send the slides to another computer near the A/V equipment at the end of the room which projected to the monitors. The lag was barely noticeable.

It was a rather long night with 3 excellent talks on Docker related topics:

  1. Docker orchestration using swarm: https://vimeo.com/191607400
  2. Running Windows applications with Docker: https://vimeo.com/191607382
  3. Ultimate traffic control = f(Docker, Consul, Nginx): https://vimeo.com/191607384


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