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Android & iOS Automation

Been trying to get a handle on the iOS and Android versions of the OptionsHouse app. The first thing I always like to do is to look into automation for any kind of a project. It's useful for testing and just doing general lazy programmer type of things.

My first attempt was to use http://www.sikuli.org/ which is a general purpose image matching based test automation framework. It worked well enough with the simulators on Android and iOS but what I really wanted was to be able to run on the device.

So next on my list was http://appium.io/ which has really impressed me so far. I have it working with my Galaxy S3 and in the iOS simulator (fighting Apple's cert-provisioning-hoop-process atm) though it's been a  learning curve and the still in development nature of the project coupled with the lack of docs is somewhat challenging.

Btw you may want to pair it with http://junit.org/ and http://jython.org/ to put together a sandbox to play in and speed up development. Or check out the node.js support in Appium (very cool!).

I really ought to go to sleep .. but this is so much fun! =)