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5 Things that will make your Agile project fail

A good read and something I've experienced in some projects which sometimes need addressing:



Great SeaJUG meeting on 5/21 - Spring!

We've got a great presentation lined up for the Seattle Java User's group on 5/21 at Expedia on Spring tech in case you are interested. Check out http://www.seajug.org for more details.


Intro to Continuous Delivery

Check out a video of me and Gabe talking about Continuous Delivery.


and if your organization needs some help in software development: product planning, development, qa, release management or automating processes feel free to reach out :)

cool stuff

despite how you may feel about js :)  http://goo.gl/bw6ue


Can't recommend System76 enough

I had blogged about my awesome made for linux system76.com laptop a while back. But the support they have exhibited in providing detailed painless upgrade instructions to the latest version of ubuntu just reinforces my belief that they are one of the better choices if you're looking for a linux laptop. They seem to have upgraded some of their hardware choices too!