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I am working on a little project to setup a tool to index, x-ref and provide search to multiple source repositories running in the gigs and came to know of this awesome little server side java project which uses lucene under the hood called opengrok. I must say I am very very impressed with it so far. I am still in the process of setting it up but the search engine genes ( I worked on one in the early 2000s) and excitement for the potential are pretty cool!

if you ever have a need for indexing and searching large amounts of search data keep opengrok in mind.
you can browse/search like this:



I've been playing around with Android pretty much since the start ( almost got hired at TMobile a couple of years ago when I wrote a yelp app for the G1 while interviewing there - in retrospect, probably a good thing that I didn't end up there :). Luckily for the last few months it's been a day job and not just for weekend side projects.

The trajectory of this Linux based OS is nothing short of amazing: http://goo.gl/BlxQe

Some dev friendly links:




happy hacking!


Software KVM Switch

Really cool x-platform software kvm switch:


Remember to RTFM otherwise you'll waste time figuring out why the client cannot connect to the server :)