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Adventures in puppet land

Some key learnings from a past project utilizing puppet to do infrastructure management in case you're interested :)

  1. puppet's DSL is imperative and not procedural. This can be somewhat frustrating to folks who are used to procedural languages.
  2. It can be quite "interesting" to do loops though a later version of puppet does have the ability to write manifests in ruby.
  3. watch out for some puppet gotchas.
  4. use hiera for configuration management.
  5. buy a good book.

happy puppet'ing!


Help support my sister's charity/rainier climb!

So my sister Jasmine has become quite the mountain climber these days. She's climbed things like an 18,000 ft+ volcano down in Mexico, a couple of 20,000 or so ft peaks in the Himalayas and probably others she hasn't told us about cuz she probably doesn't want us to worry. Must be those monkey genes .. which are obviously dormant in me!


So she climbed Mt. Rainier on the weekend of the 18th of July 2012 to raise money for a charity that she sponsors every year called Asha in case you're interested in donating for a good cause.

Please donate here - thanks! :)