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Nifty Toys for Windows

A couple of freeware or cheap high productivity tools if you're stuck in windows =)

  1. Launchy - launch any application with a keystroke
  2. BBLean - replace the boring shell with a port of blackbox from *nix
  3. http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net - virtual desktops
  4. Lookout - fast search in outlook
  5. Servant Salamander - powerful 2 pane file manager
  6. Winmerge - merge and diff tool
  7. Kitty - replacement for putty
  8. Vim or Textpad for basic file editing
  9. Corkscrew for ssh tunneling through your http proxy at work :)

There's probably others that I use which I can't remember off the top of my head but these are my favorites.


Boys and their Toys

mmmmmmmm ...


there's a motorcycle show happening up north this weekend too: